Harold L. Lyon Arboretum

CPC institution Code: HLA

The Lyon Arboretum is nestled in 193.5 acres of tropical rain forest at the top of the Manoa Valley watershed. Just 5 miles from the bustle of Waikiki, Lyon Arboretum serves as a cultural and scientific resource to urban O`ahu’s diverse communities. With over 5,000 taxa of tropical and sub-tropical plants to be found throughout our grounds, over seven miles of hiking trails, and an elevation gradient that starts at 450 feet and rises to 1850 feet above sea level, the Lyon Arboretum has much to offer to all. A vital resource for the University of Hawai`i system-wide, Lyon Arboretum provides the scientific community with many research opportunities. As a cultural and community resource, we host approximately 50,000 visitors each year who participate in classes, research projects, volunteer and other community activities, or explore our extensive trails and plant collections. The Harold L. Lyon Arboretum coordinates, facilitates, and executes research, instruction, and service activities that utilize its collections and resources. Its major emphases are tropical plants, native Hawaiian plants, conservation biology, and Hawaiian ethnobotany.

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Taxon Family Global Rank Legal Status Sponsorship Status
Achyranthes mutica Amaranthaceae G1 LE
Canavalia pubescens Fabaceae G1 LE
Cyanea grimesiana ssp. grimesiana Campanulaceae T1 LE
Cyanea kunthiana Campanulaceae G2 LE
Cyanea pinnatifida Campanulaceae G1 LE Sponsored
Cyanea shipmanii Campanulaceae G1 LE
Cyanea solanacea Campanulaceae G1 LE
Cyrtandra filipes Gesneriaceae G1 LE
Cyrtandra gracilis Gesneriaceae G1 LE
Cyrtandra kaulantha Gesneriaceae G1 LE
Cyrtandra polyantha Gesneriaceae G1 LE
Asplenium dielerectum Aspleniaceae G1 LE
Asplenium dielmannii Aspleniaceae G1 LE
Gouania meyenii Rhamnaceae G1 LE
Hesperomannia arbuscula Asteraceae G1 LE Sponsored
Kokia drynarioides Malvaceae G1 LE Sponsored
Lipochaeta kamolensis Asteraceae G1 LE
Lobelia oahuensis Campanulaceae G1 LE Partially Sponsored
Myrsine mezii Myrsinaceae G1 LE
Nothocestrum breviflorum Solanaceae G1 LE
Melicope lydgatei Rutaceae G1 LE
Melicope mucronulata Rutaceae G1 LE
Phyllostegia hirsuta Lamiaceae G1 LE
Plantago princeps var. laxifolia Plantaginaceae T1
Platanthera holochila Orchidaceae G1 LE Sponsored
Cyanea purpurellifolia Campanulaceae G1 LE
Schiedea adamantis Caryophyllaceae G1 LE Sponsored
Sesbania molokaiensis Fabaceae Sponsored
Sesbania tomentosa Fabaceae G2 LE Sponsored
Urera kaalae Urticaceae G1 LE
Vicia menziesii Fabaceae G1 LE Sponsored
Viola kauaensis var. wahiawaensis Violaceae T1 LE
Wikstroemia villosa Thymelaeaceae G1 LE
Wilkesia hobdyi Asteraceae G1 LE
Xylosma crenata Flacourtiaceae G1 LE Sponsored
Cyanea superba ssp. superba Campanulaceae T1 Sponsored
Phyllostegia mollis Lamiaceae G1 LE
Cyanea truncata Campanulaceae GH LE
Cyanea gibsonii Campanulaceae T1 LE
Delissea undulata ssp. undulata Campanulaceae T1 Sponsored
Cyrtandra hematos Gesneriaceae G1 LE
Solanum nelsonii Solanaceae G2 LE
Dubautia plantaginea ssp. humilis Asteraceae T1 LE
Clermontia oblongifolia ssp. brevipes Campanulaceae T1 LE
Cyanea asarifolia Campanulaceae G1 LE Sponsored
Cyanea dunbariae Campanulaceae G1 LE
Cyanea procera Campanulaceae G1 LE
Cyanea profuga Campanulaceae G1 LE
Cyanea undulata Campanulaceae G1 LE
Lobelia monostachya Campanulaceae G1 LE
Euphorbia olowaluana Euphorbiaceae G2
Phyllostegia mannii Lamiaceae G1 LE
Phyllostegia racemosa Lamiaceae G1 LE
Phyllostegia waimeae Lamiaceae G1 LE
Phyllostegia haliakalae Lamiaceae GH LE
Stenogyne bifida Lamiaceae G1 LE
Viola lanaiensis Violaceae G1 LE Sponsored
Pritchardia maideniana Arecaceae GH LE
Melicope cornuta var. cornuta Rutaceae T1 LE
Phyllostegia parviflora var. parviflora Lamiaceae TH
Phyllostegia stachyoides Lamiaceae G1 LE
Bidens torta Asteraceae G2
Cyanea angustifolia Campanulaceae G2
Pritchardia martii Arecaceae G1
Labordia triflora Loganiaceae G1 LE
Cyanea crispa Campanulaceae G1 LE Sponsored
Cyanea lanceolata ssp. lanceolata Campanulaceae G1 LE
Cyanea st.-johnii Campanulaceae G1 LE
Phyllostegia kaalaensis Lamiaceae G1 LE
Cyanea remyi Campanulaceae G1 LE
Cyrtandra paliku Gesneriaceae G1 LE
Phyllostegia parviflora var. lydgatei Lamiaceae T1
Phyllostegia pilosa Lamiaceae G1 LE
Sicyos albus Cucurbitaceae G1 LE
Dubautia kalalauensis Asteraceae G1 LE
Polyscias bisattenuata Araliaceae G1 LE
Cyanea kauaulaensis Campanulaceae G1 LE
Cyanea konahuanuiensis Campanulaceae
Cyanea lobata ssp. baldwinii Campanulaceae TH
Cyanea lobata ssp. lobata Campanulaceae T1
Cyanea magnicalyx Campanulaceae G1 LE
Cyanea maritae Campanulaceae G1 LE
Cyanea munroi Campanulaceae G1 LE
Cyrtandra ferripilosa Gesneriaceae G1 LE
Cyrtandra wagneri Gesneriaceae G1 LE
Deparia kaalaana Athyriaceae GH LE
Dryopteris crinalis var. podosorus Dryopteridaceae G1 LE
Hibiscadelphus stellatus Malvaceae
Kadua cordata ssp. remyi Rubiaceae T1 LE
Labordia lorenceana Loganiaceae G1 LE
Lysimachia scopulensis Primulaceae G1 LE
Pittosporum halophilum Pittosporaceae G1 LE
Polyscias lydgatei Araliaceae G1 LE
Pritchardia bakeri Arecaceae G1 LE
Psychotria hexandra ssp. oahuensis var. oahuensis Rubiaceae T1
Schiedea diffusa ssp. macraei Caryophyllaceae T1 LE
Schiedea jacobii Caryophyllaceae GX LE
Schiedea laui Caryophyllaceae G1 LE
Sicyos lanceoloideus Cucurbitaceae G1 LE
Stenogyne kaalae ssp. sherffii Lamiaceae TH LE
Viola kauaensis var. hosakae Violaceae
Dubautia menziesii Asteraceae G2
Metrosideros macropus Myrtaceae G2
Metrosideros polymorpha var. glaberrima Myrtaceae T2
Clermontia kakeana Campanulaceae G3
Metrosideros polymorpha var. polymorpha Myrtaceae T3
Osteomeles anthyllidifolia Rosaceae G4

Conservation Contacts

Nellie Sugii
Acting Director, Hawaiian Rare Plant Program (HRPP) Manager
Nate Kingsley
Seed Bank Manager
Tim Kroessig
Horticulture Manager
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Name Title Group Phone Email Privacy Settings Priority Contact ID Priority Input
Acting Director, Hawaiian Rare Plant Program (HRPP) Manager 1
Seed Bank Manager 100
Horticulture Manager 100