Training a new generation of plant conservationists

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Advancing Rare Plant Conservation

CPC Rare Plant Academy is a hub of learning, sharing, and discovery for the plant conservation community. This platform seeks to educate and engage our community by capturing the knowledge of Center for Plant Conservation’s network of expert botanists in modern, learning-friendly formats. As such, CPC Rare Plant Academy Courses will be a training ground for the next generation of plant conservation scientists, who will be the first line of defense against plant extinction.

The Applied Plant Conservation Course

This brand-new professional development resource will serve to train our current and future botanical workforce in the best practices of rare plant stewardship and conservation.

Course participants will learn from leading experts in the field of plant conservation through dynamic video lectures covering topics ranging from rare plant genetics and reintroductions, to seed collections, exceptional species, and more.

The course will bring the CPC Best Practices Guidelines to life as an educational tool for those working with rare and native plants at any stage in their career.

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Whether you’re a seasoned conservation practitioner or new to the field, the Applied Plant Conservation Course will feature a range of topics to help you deepen your knowledge and expertise about working with rare and native plants.

The course will feature nine overarching subject modules:

  • Module I: Introduction to Rare Plant Conservation
  • Module II: Ensuring the Conservation of Rare Plant Genetic Diversity
  • Module III: Where Rare Plants Live: Now and In the Future
  • Module IV: Assessing Wild Plant Populations
  • Module V: Rare Plant Reintroductions
  • Module VI: Collecting Seeds for Conservation Collections in Long-term Seed Banks
  • Module VII: Conservation of Exceptional Species
  • Module VIII: Propagation and Horticulture of Rare Plants
  • Module IX: Tools and Partnerships

Module I of the Applied Plant Conservation CourseIntroduction to Rare Plant Conservation, is live and available for enrolled participants. In this module, you’ll explore topics including Why We Conserve Rare Plants, The Nature of Plant Rarity, Rare Plant Resources and Conservation Ranks, Rare Plant Ecology, and Rare Plants on Public Lands.

More modules coming in 2024!

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