National Laboratory for Genetic Resource Preservation (USDA-ARS)

CPC institution Code: NLGRP
Eriogonum ericifolium

Seed storage at NLGRP is much more than placing bags of seeds in a vault. NLGRP receives samples from a wide range of institutions, companies and governments around the world. Our technicians and specialists work with the database that handles all the information accompanying each sample. We evaluate the initial seed quality, store samples in cold or cryogenic vaults and monitor the quality of stored seeds. Since 1958, we have been storing, maintaining, monitoring and distributing hundreds of thousands of samples trusted to us for the long term backup portion of the National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS).

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Taxon Family Global Rank Legal Status Sponsorship Status
Abronia umbellata ssp. breviflora Nyctaginaceae T2 Sponsored
Aletes humilis Apiaceae Available
Astragalus linifolius Fabaceae G3 Available
Astragalus troglodytus Fabaceae G2 Available
Castilleja kaibabensis Orobanchaceae G1 Available
Dalea reverchonii Fabaceae G2 Available
Echinocereus coccineus var. arizonicus Cactaceae T2 LE Available
Eriogonum ripleyi Polygonaceae G2 Available
Geocarpon minimum Caryophyllaceae Sponsored
Hedeoma diffusa Lamiaceae G3 Available
Helenium arizonicum Asteraceae G3 Available
Matelea texensis Apocynaceae G1 Available
Melanthera parvifolia Asteraceae G2 Available
Penstemon clutei Plantaginaceae G2 Sponsored
Packera franciscana Asteraceae G1 LT Available
Lantana depressa var. floridana Verbenaceae T1 Available
Agalinis skinneriana Orobanchaceae Sponsored
Erigeron subglaber Asteraceae G1 Available
Eriogonum ericifolium Polygonaceae G3 Available
Astragalus hypoxylus Fabaceae Available
Castilleja mogollonica Orobanchaceae G1 Available
Astragalus iodopetalus Fabaceae G2 Available
Anemia wrightii Anemiaceae G2 Available
Charpentiera elliptica Amaranthaceae G2 Available
Tephrosia angustissima var. corallicola Fabaceae T1 Available
Potentilla sanguinea Rosaceae T1 Available
Mentzelia conspicua Loasaceae G2 Available
Potentilla arizonica Rosaceae G1 Available
Penstemon nudiflorus Plantaginaceae G2 Available
Tonestus microcephalus G2 Available
Liatris gholsonii Asteraceae G1 Available
Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani Cyperaceae Available
Herrickia horrida Asteraceae G3 Available

Conservation Contacts

Christina Walters
Supervisory Plant Physiologist
Lisa Hill
Biological Science Lab Technician (Plants)
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Name Title Group Phone Email Privacy Settings Priority Contact ID Priority Input
Supervisory Plant Physiologist 1
Biological Science Lab Technician (Plants) 2