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Eryngium constancei

The University of California Botanical Garden at Berkeley is located in Strawberry Canyon above the Berkeley Campus overlooking the San Francisco Bay. The garden features one of the most diverse plant collections in the United States. Established 1890, the garden's 34 acres contain over 10,000 taxa and more than 18,000 accessions of plants from all over the world arranged by region. The garden is famous for its large number of rare and endangered species.

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Taxon Family Global Rank Legal Status Sponsorship Status
Acanthomintha duttonii Lamiaceae G1 LE Available
Amsinckia grandiflora Boraginaceae G1 LE Available
Arctostaphylos hookeri var. ravenii Ericaceae T1 LE Sponsored
Arctostaphylos imbricata Ericaceae G1 Available
Arctostaphylos luciana Ericaceae G3 Available
Arctostaphylos myrtifolia Ericaceae G1 LT Available
Arctostaphylos pallida Ericaceae G1 LT Available
Arctostaphylos silvicola Ericaceae G1 Available
Astragalus tener var. titi Fabaceae T1 LE Available
Baccharis plummerae ssp. glabrata Asteraceae T1 Available
Brodiaea coronaria ssp. rosea Liliaceae T2 Available
Brodiaea insignis Liliaceae G1 Available
Brodiaea pallida Liliaceae G1 LT Available
Calochortus tiburonensis Liliaceae G1 LT Available
Camissonia benitensis Onagraceae G2 LT Available
Ceanothus divergens Rhamnaceae G2 Available
Ceanothus ferrisiae Rhamnaceae G1 LE Available
Ceanothus gloriosus var. porrectus Rhamnaceae T2 Available
Ceanothus hearstiorum Rhamnaceae G2 Available
Ceanothus maritimus Rhamnaceae G2 Available
Chorizanthe pungens var. pungens Polygonaceae T2 LT Available
Clarkia amoena ssp. whitneyi Onagraceae T1 Available
Clarkia borealis ssp. arida Onagraceae T2 Available
Clarkia franciscana Onagraceae G1 LE Available
Clarkia imbricata Onagraceae G1 LE Available
Collomia rawsoniana Polemoniaceae G2 Available
Chloropyron palmatum Orobanchaceae G1 LE Available
Coreopsis hamiltonii Asteraceae G2 Available
Hesperocyparis abramsiana var. abramsiana Cupressaceae G1 LT Available
Delphinium bakeri Ranunculaceae G1 LE Sponsored
Delphinium luteum Ranunculaceae G1 LE Sponsored
Draba asterophora var. asterophora Brassicaceae T2 Sponsored
Draba quadricostata Brassicaceae G2 Available
Dudleya abramsii ssp. bettinae Crassulaceae T2 Available
Erigeron supplex Asteraceae G2 Available
Eriogonum apricum var. apricum Polygonaceae T1 LE Available
Eriogonum grande var. timorum Polygonaceae T1 Available
Eriogonum hirtellum Polygonaceae G2 Available
Eriogonum truncatum Polygonaceae G2 Available
Eriophyllum latilobum Asteraceae G1 LE Available
Eryngium constancei Apiaceae G1 LE, PT Available
Erysimum menziesii Brassicaceae G1 LE Available
Lasthenia conjugens Asteraceae G1 LE Available
Legenere limosa Campanulaceae G2 Available
Lessingia germanorum var. germanorum Asteraceae G1 LE Available
Lupinus sericatus Fabaceae G2 Available
Monardella douglasii ssp. venosa Lamiaceae T1 Available
Monardella linoides ssp. viminea Lamiaceae Available
Orcuttia tenuis Poaceae G2 LT Available
Penstemon tracyi Plantaginaceae G2 Available
Phacelia insularis var. continentis Hydrophyllaceae T2 Available
Plagiobothrys strictus Boraginaceae G1 LE Available
Sedum albomarginatum Crassulaceae G2 Available
Sedum oblanceolatum Crassulaceae G3 Available
Packera layneae Asteraceae G2 LT Available
Tuctoria greenei Poaceae Available
Amsinckia lunaris Boraginaceae G2 Available
Arctostaphylos pilosula Ericaceae G2 Available
Horkelia marinensis Rosaceae G2 Available
Horkelia parryi Rosaceae G2 Available
Allium tribracteatum Liliaceae G2 Available
Allium shevockii Liliaceae G2 Available
Pinus contorta var. bolanderi Pinaceae T2 Available
Lilium maritimum Liliaceae G2 Available
Hemizonia congesta Asteraceae T2 Available
Layia septentrionalis Asteraceae G2 Available
Horkelia bolanderi Rosaceae G1 Available
Horkelia cuneata ssp. sericea Rosaceae T1 Available
Calochortus raichei Liliaceae G2 Available
Arctostaphylos hookeri ssp. hearstiorum Ericaceae T2 Available
Arctostaphylos bakeri ssp. bakeri Ericaceae T1 Available
Clarkia concinna ssp. raichei Onagraceae T1 Available
Polygonum hickmanii Polygonaceae G1 LE Sponsored
Neviusia cliftonii Rosaceae G2 Available
Sedum eastwoodiae Crassulaceae T2 Available
Brodiaea leptandra Themidaceae T3 Available
Calochortus fimbriatus Liliaceae T3 Available
Ceanothus decornutus Rhamnaceae G1 Available
Clarkia gracilis ssp. albicaulis Onagraceae T2 Available
Fritillaria biflora var. ineziana Liliaceae T1 Available
Gilia capitata ssp. chamissonis Polemoniaceae T2 Available
Lasthenia californica ssp. macrantha Asteraceae T2 Available
Leptosiphon croceus Polemoniaceae G1 Available
Lonicera ssp.icata var. ssp.icata Caprifoliaceae T2 Available
Arctostaphylos manzanita ssp. laevigata Ericaceae T2 Available
Arctostaphylos nummularia ssp. mendocinoensis Ericaceae T1 Available
Navarretia gowenii Polemoniaceae G1 Available
Arctostaphylos stanfordiana ssp. decumbens Ericaceae T1 Available
Rosa pinetorum Rosaceae G2 Available
Rosa woodsii var. glabrata Rosaceae T1 Available
Streptanthus glandulosus ssp. albidus Brassicaceae Available
Triteleia ixioides ssp. cookii Themidaceae T2 Available
Sedum citrinum Crassulaceae G2 Available

Conservation Contacts

Lewis J. Feldman, Ph.D.
Vanessa Handley, Ph.D.
Director of Collections & Research
Holly Forbes
Clare Loughran
Assistant Curator
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