Jennifer Ramp Neale, CPC 2020 Star Award

The 2020 Center for Plant Conservation Star Award is presented to Jennifer Ramp Neale. In honor of her commitment to the conservation of the flora of the United States. Her clear communication, science-based recommendations, and collaborations with a broad array of partners have contributed to knowledge of and protection for imperiled native plants in Colorado. […]

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Denver Botanic Gardens Program update

Screenshot from Denver Botanic Gardens Program update video

Jennnifer Ramp Neale, Denver Botanic Gardens In the Research & Conservation department at Denver Botanic Gardens, our core motivation is to investigate and explain biodiversity patterns and processes. We connect people with plants in meaningful ways by conducting scientific research, serving as a resource of scientific expertise, and through expanded scientific capacity. In 2020, we moved […]

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Can alpine species “bank” on conservation?

Screenshot of Can alpine species "bank" on conservation? video.

Alex Seglias, Denver Botanic Gardens Plant biodiversity is being lost at an accelerated rate. To conserve native plants, many institutions are turning towards ex situ conservation methods, such as storage in seed banks. However, not all seeds are able to survive in seed bank conditions or they may be short-lived. Alpine species in Italy and Australia […]

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Flexible Seed Harvest: Revisiting the 10% Rule

Screenshot of Flexible Seed Harvest video.

Seed collection is a vital conservation method used to ensure global food security by maintaining a source of genetic diversity in food crops and prevent the loss of biodiversity from natural or anthropogenic events that cause the extirpation of small populations. The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation facilitates global and national level plant conservation strategies […]

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