The Development of a Micropropagation Protocol Suitable for a Wide Range of Quercus dumosa Genotypes for Ex Situ Conservation

Quercus dumosa, or Nuttall’s scrub oak, is endangered due to human encroachment, misidentification, disease, and wildfire. Micropropagation is a method of ex situ conservation in which plants maybe be preserved under aseptic conditions away from the many threats they face. However, each genotype grows differently; what may encourage growth in one individual may prove lethal […]

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Orchid Micropropagation

Screenshot of Atlanta Botanic Garden's video on orchid propagation

Micropropagation is an effective conservation tool for producing tissue clones or for germinating spore or seed in vitro. Orchids are known to be quite difficult to propagate as they typically require fungal symbionts during their germination. In this video, Jason Ligon and Tito Tomei explain how to propagate orchids in the lab using sterile micropropagation […]

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Monitoring Plants of Concern at Chicago Botanic garden

Screenshot of Monitoring Plants of Concern at Chicago Botanic garden video

Daniella DeRose, Chicago Botanic Garden Chicago Botanic Garden’s Plants of Concern (POC) program is a collaboration between citizen scientists, natural resource managers, and researchers to collect data on rare plant populations in northeastern Illinois. The primary goal is to identify best conservation practices, while creating awareness and providing education on why conservation matters. POC engages […]

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