Can alpine species take the heat?: Impacts of increased temperatures on early life stages

Climate change threatens plant biodiversity worldwide. Alpine plant species are particularly vulnerable to climate change, as temperature fluctuations are projected to be most severe in high elevation areas. Even small shifts in climate can have major consequences on phenology, reproduction, fitness, and community composition. Early life stages (seed germination and seedling survival) are arguably the […]

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Alpine Plants and Seed Collection

Screenshot of Alex Seglias video

Alexandra Seglias (Denver Botanic Gardens), Nicola Ripley (Betty Ford Alpine Gardens), Brittany Roberts Marshall (Betty Ford Alpine Gardens) Alpine ecosystems are particularly vulnerable to climate change. The Denver Botanic Gardens are seeking to protect rare species from these regions, banking seeds from multiple Alpine populations by maternal line. However, collecting seed from these remote areas […]

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Conserving the Alpine: From Tiny Seeds to Big Collaboration

Screenshot of Conserving the Alpine: From Tiny Seeds to Big Collaboration video

Jennifer Ramp Neale, Denver Botanic Gardens Alpine plants are at risk of population decline and/or extinction due to climate change. Understanding these plants and the environments in which they survive and thrive involves a multi-tiered approach including in-situ and ex-situ efforts. At Denver Botanic Gardens we are working to collect and study seed of alpine […]

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