Bringing Conservation Home

Lauritzen Gardens is dedicated to the conservation of plants and the biological diversity they support. Located in Omaha, Nebraska, our conservation efforts are focused on the ecological systems of the Midwest and Great Plains. Seed banking and rare plant research are major elements of this work, but these projects mostly occur in remote settings far […]

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The Conservation Garden of the Great Plains | Lauritzen Gardens

Image of Lauritzen Gardens Visitor and Education Center and the Marjorie K. Daugherty Conservatory


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It’s Complicated: The Launch of a New Seed Banking Project

Screenshot from It's Complicated: The Launch of a New Seed Banking Project video

Jim Locklear, Lauritzen Gardens Blowout penstemon (Penstemon haydenii) is a critically imperiled (G1) plant listed as an endangered species by the USFWS. It is presently known from ten occurrences in the Nebraska Sandhills and three in the Ferris Dunes of Wyoming. This species is associated with areas of active wind erosion within a grassland matrix. […]

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