Seed viability Hawai‘i’s foundational-ʻōhi‘ trees linked environmental variables

Nina Rønsted, National Tropical Botanical Garden Climate can play a critical role in plant physiological processes at all life stages, but investigations into climate effects often focus on only adult life stages. However, climate can influence seed development and germination, which can in turn strongly affect community dynamics. Native Hawaiian Metrosideros spp. (Myrtaceae; ʻōhi‘a,; 13 […]

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Regional Conservation Initiatives video screening and panel

Screenshot from Regional Conservation Initiatives video screening and panel

From the SePPCon 2020 conference, three inspiring videos: The Southeastern Grasslands Initiative Dr. Dwayne Estes, Southeastern Grasslands Initiative Featuring Dwayne Estes, SGI Director, and Theo Witsell, SGI Chief Ecologist. Filmed and edited by Pamela Pasco. This 15-minute video takes you on a journey across the Southeast and through time, to learn more about the habitats […]

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