Cooperative Recovery for Echinacea laevigata (smooth coneflower) and Helianthus schweinitzii (Schweinitz’s sunflower)

Rare species from similar fire maintained communities are likely to have similar recovery needs in Endangered Species Act recovery plans.  Echinacea laevigata (smooth coneflower) and Helianthus schweinitzii (Schweinitz’s sunflower) occur in separate, but similar fire maintained habitats in the Southeastern US.  Fire suppression and fragmentation have relegated both species to marginal habitat on forest edges, roadsides and utility rights-of-way.  […]

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A Rare Pine Snake in Smooth Coneflower Habitat


The extremely rare pine snake’s return to the region has been credited to the habitat restoration efforts implemented to support smooth coneflower. Here Clemson University graduate student Brian Hudson holds a male pine snake. […]

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