San Antonio Botanical Garden

CPC institution Code: SABG
Manfreda longiflora

The San Antonio Botanical Garden is dedicated to education, conservation, research and display of plants and plant communities of local, regional, and worldwide significance.

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Taxon Family Global Rank Legal Status Sponsorship Status
Ambrosia cheiranthifolia Asteraceae G2 LE
Echeandia chandleri Asparagaceae G2
Asclepias prostrata Apocynaceae G1 PE
Ayenia limitaris Malvaceae G2 LE Sponsored
Thymophylla tephroleuca Asteraceae G2 LE Sponsored
Echinocereus reichenbachii var. albertii Cactaceae T1 LE
Grindelia oolepis Asteraceae G2
Hoffmannseggia tenella Fabaceae G1 LE
Physaria thamnophila Brassicaceae G1 LE
Manihot walkerae Euphorbiaceae G2 LE Sponsored
Manfreda longiflora Asparagaceae G2 Sponsored
Prunus murrayana Rosaceae G2
Quercus graciliformis Fagaceae G1
Quercus hinckleyi Fagaceae G2 LT
Quercus tardifolia Fagaceae G1
Salvia penstemonoides Lamiaceae G1 UR
Styrax platanifolius ssp. texanus Styracaceae T1 LE
Caesalpinia phyllanthoides Fabaceae G2
Psilactis heterocarpa Asteraceae G2
Tillandsia baileyi Bromeliaceae G2
Manfreda sileri Asparagaceae G3
Quercus depressipes Fagaceae G3

Conservation Contacts

Michael Eason
Conservation Officer
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Name Title Group Phone Email Privacy Settings Priority Contact ID Priority Input
Conservation Officer 1
Interim CEO 100