Conservation Genetics in Lichens: The Case of the Rock Gnome

Screenshot of Conservation Genetics in Lichens video.

Jessica L. Allen, PhD, Southeastern Center for Conservation, Atlanta Botanical Garden Dr. Allen outlines a conservation genomics approach to assessing genetic diversity between geographically separated populations of the Rock Gnome lichen, a Southern Appalachian endemic. Her results show that each locale sampled has a genetically distinct population. This suggests that the management plan for this lichen should include protecting […]

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Conservation genomics of Dithyrea maritima (Brassicaceae) beach spectaclepod

Screenshot of Conservation genomics of Dithyrea maritima (Brassicaceae) beach spectaclepod video

Kristen Hasenstab-Lehman, C. Matt Guilliams, Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens Dithyrea maritima (Davidson), or beach spectaclepod, is a dune specialist endemic to coastal dunes from central California, United States, to northwestern Baja California, Mexico. Individuals of this perennial herb spread by rhizomes, forming a diffuse colony of ramets, each terminating in rosette of 1 to several fleshy leaves, […]

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