Native Plant Trust

CPC institution Code: NEWF
Eriocaulon parkeri

Native Plant Trust is the nation's first plant conservation organization, with a mission to conserve and promote New England's native plants to ensure healthy, biologically diverse landscapes. Staff and a large corps of trained volunteers monitor populations of hundreds of rare plants in all six states. Native Plant Trust is on track to bank seeds from at least two-thirds of the 3,300 populations of globally and regionally rare plants by 2020.

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Taxon Family Global Rank Legal Status Sponsorship Status
Aeschynomene virginica Fabaceae G2 LT Sponsored
Agalinis acuta Orobanchaceae Sponsored
Astragalus robbinsii var. jesupii Fabaceae T1 LE Sponsored
Cardamine longii Brassicaceae G3
Carex oronensis Cyperaceae G3 Sponsored
Carex polymorpha Cyperaceae G3
Eriocaulon parkeri Eriocaulaceae G3 Sponsored
Eupatorium leucolepis var. novae-angliae Asteraceae T1 Sponsored
Geum peckii Rosaceae G2 Sponsored
Isotria medeoloides Orchidaceae G2 LT Partially Sponsored
Neottia auriculata Orchidaceae G3
Mimulus ringens var. colpophilus Phrymaceae T2
Minuartia marcescens Caryophyllaceae G3 Sponsored
Narthecium americanum Liliaceae G2
Oxytropis campestris var. johannensis Fabaceae T4 Sponsored
Pedicularis furbishiae Orobanchaceae G1 LE Sponsored
Polemonium vanbruntiae Polemoniaceae G3 Sponsored
Potamogeton hillii Potamogetonaceae G3
Potentilla robbinsiana Rosaceae G1 DL Sponsored
Prenanthes boottii Asteraceae G2 Sponsored
Rhynchospora knieskernii Cyperaceae G2 LT
Schwalbea americana Orobanchaceae G2 LE
Scirpus ancistrochaetus Cyperaceae G3 LE Sponsored
Scirpus longii Cyperaceae G3 Sponsored
Corema conradii Empetraceae G4 Sponsored
Amelanchier nantucketensis Rosaceae G3
Arnica lanceolata Asteraceae G3
Bidens eatonii Asteraceae G3
Potamogeton ogdenii Potamogetonaceae G1
Sabatia kennedyana Gentianaceae G3 Sponsored
Sagittaria teres Rosaceae G3
Pyxidanthera barbulata Diapensiaceae G4
Desmodium humifusum Fabaceae G1 Sponsored
Pityopsis falcata Asteraceae G3
Crataegus bicknellii Rosaceae G1 Sponsored
Adiantum viridimontanum Pteridaceae G3 Sponsored
Poa laxa ssp. fernaldiana Poaceae T3
Symphyotrichum anticostense Asteraceae G3
Erigeron philadelphicus var. provancheri Asteraceae T3
Chenopodium foggii Amaranthaceae G2
Suaeda maritima ssp. richii Chenopodiaceae T3
Triglochin gaspensis Juncaginaceae G4
Hieracium robinsonii Asteraceae G3 Sponsored
Ammophila breviligulata Poaceae G2
Astragalus alpinus Fabaceae T3
Carex scoparia Cyperaceae G5
Eleocharis aestuum Cyperaceae G3
Eleocharis diandra Cyperaceae G2
Isoetes acadiensis Isoetaceae G3
Isoetes prototypus Isoetaceae G2
Potamogeton pusillus ssp. gemmiparus Potamogetonaceae T3
Crataegus schizophylla Rosaceae G1
Liatris scariosa var. novae-angliae Asteraceae T3
Vaccinium boreale Ericaceae G4 Partially Sponsored

Conservation Contacts

Tim Johnson
Executive Director
Michael Piantedosi
Director of Conservation
Arthur Haines
Research Botanist
Jessamine Finch
Research Botanist
Uli Lorimer
Director of Horticulture
Kate Wellspring
Seed Bank Technician
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Name Title Group Phone Email Privacy Settings Priority Contact ID Priority Input
Executive Director 100
Director of Conservation 100
Research Botanist 100
Research Botanist 100
Director of Horticulture 100
Seed Bank Technician 100