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Fogg's Goosefoot (Chenopodium foggii)

Chenopodium foggii Copyright © 2017 Donald Cameron Photo Credit: Donald Cameron
  • Global Rank: N/A
  • Legal Status: N/A
  • Family: Amaranthaceae
  • State: VT, CT, MA, ME, NC, NH, NY, ON, PA, QC, VA
  • Nature Serve ID: 156358
  • Date Inducted in National Collection: 12/01/2021

Chenopodium foggii, or Fogg’s goosefoot, is a tall, slender, annual herb. It grows 8-40 inches tall, has narrow, egg-shaped leaves with teeth at the base, and small white flowers that grow on spikes. Its taxonomy has been debated since it was first described because it is easily confused with other closely related species. Its fruit are more oval-shaped than the common C. album, and the leaves of C. pratericola are less egg-shaped (more linear or truly oval). Despite difficulties with identification of this species, it is believed that C. foggii is restricted to dry, open areas on ledges or in forests or woodlands in the Eastern USA and Canada. It is of conservation concern because it is generally very rare wherever it is found, and as of 2016, there were only 15 occurrences believed to be extant with an estimated 572-1200 individuals total. (Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife, 2015; NatureServe, 2017; New England Wildflower Society, 2017)  

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Taxon Chenopodium foggii
Authority H.A. Wahl
Family Amaranthaceae
CPC Number 10687
ITIS 20605
Common Names Fogg’s goosefoot
Associated Scientific Names Chenopodium foggii
State Rank
State State Rank
Connecticut SNR
Massachusetts S1
Maine S2?
North Carolina SH
New Hampshire S1
New York SU
Ontario S2
Pennsylvania S1
Quebec S2
Virginia SU
Vermont S1

Ecological Relationships

Common Name Name in Text Association Type Source InteractionID

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