University Of Washington Botanic Gardens

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Castilleja levisecta

The University of Washington Botanic Gardens manages the 10-acre Center for Urban Horticulture, the 65-acre Union Bay Natural Area, the 200-acre Washington Park Arboretum, the Elisabeth C. Miller Library, and the Otis Douglas Hyde Herbarium, plus research laboratories, greenhouses, teaching classrooms, and conference facilities. UW Botanic Gardens is administered by the University of Washington through its School of Environmental and Forest Sciences. The mission of UW Botanic Gardens is \"Sustaining managed to natural ecosystems and the human spirit through plant research, display, and education.\" UW Botanic Gardens Washington Rare Plant Care and Conservation Program is dedicated to conserving Washington\'s native rare plants through methods including ex situ conservation, rare plant monitoring, reintroduction, and education.

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Taxon Family Global Rank Legal Status Sponsorship Status
Sericocarpus rigidus Asteraceae G3 Available
Astragalus cottonii Fabaceae G2 Available
Astragalus sinuatus Fabaceae G1 Sponsored
Castilleja levisecta Orobanchaceae G2 LT Sponsored
Delphinium viridescens Ranunculaceae G2 Sponsored
Erigeron basalticus Asteraceae Available
Hackelia venusta Boraginaceae G1 LE Sponsored
Polemonium pectinatum Polemoniaceae G2 Available
Sidalcea oregana var. calva Malvaceae T1 LE Sponsored
Silene spaldingii Caryophyllaceae Available
Trifolium thompsonii Fabaceae G3 Available
Silene seelyi Caryophyllaceae G3 Available
Trifolium douglasii Fabaceae G3 Available
Physaria douglasii ssp. tuplashensis Brassicaceae G1 LT Available
Eriogonum codium Polygonaceae G1 LT Available
Pyrrocoma liatriformis Asteraceae Available
Micranthes tischii Saxifragaceae G2 Available
Lomatium knokei Apiaceae G1 Available
Anemone patens var. multifida Ranunculaceae Available
Carex comosa Cyperaceae Available

Conservation Contacts

Wendy Gibble
Associate Director
Jessica Farmer
Adult Education Supervisor
Maureen Black
Marketing and Events Manager
Raymond J. Larson
Interim Director
Anna Carragee
Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator
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Name Title Group Phone Email Privacy Settings Priority Contact ID Priority Input
Associate Director 1
Adult Education Supervisor 2
Marketing and Events Manager 3
Interim Director 100
Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator 100