Lauritzen Gardens

CPC institution Code: LAU
Penstemon haydenii

Lauritzen Gardens is a living museum of unique four-season plant displays, maintained to the highest standards consistent with environmental stewardship. It provides memorable educational and aesthetic experiences for all.

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Taxon Family Global Rank Legal Status Sponsorship Status
Ambrosia linearis Asteraceae G3 Available
Artemisia porteri Asteraceae G2 Available
Astragalus barrii Fabaceae G3 Sponsored
Cryptantha subcapitata Boraginaceae G2 Available
Eriogonum visheri Polygonaceae Available
Frasera coloradensis Gentianaceae G2 Available
Oenothera coloradensis Onagraceae Sponsored
Oonopsis foliosa var. monocephala Asteraceae T2 Available
Parthenium alpinum Asteraceae G3 Available
Penstemon haydenii Plantaginaceae Sponsored
Sphaeromeria simplex Asteraceae G2 Available
Cirsium pulcherrimum var. aridum Asteraceae G2 Available
Dalea cylindriceps Fabaceae G3 Available
Yermo xanthocephalus Asteraceae G1 LT Available
Dirca decipiens Thymelaeaceae G1 Available
Eriogonum helichrysoides Polygonaceae T2 Available
Solidago capulinensis Asteraceae G1 Available

Conservation Contacts

John Newman
Executive Director
James Locklear
Director of Conservation
Carolyn Baldwin
Executive Assistant
Mia Jenkins
Director of Marketing