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Oregon Sullivantia (Sullivantia oregana)

Sullivantia oregana, Oregon sullivantia Photo Credit: Rae Selling Berry Seed Bank
  • Global Rank: G2 - Imperiled
  • Legal Status: N/A
  • Family: Saxifragaceae
  • State: OR, WA
  • Nature Serve ID: 148653
  • Date Inducted in National Collection: 10/29/2019

Where is Oregon Sullivantia (Sullivantia oregana) located in the wild?

States & Provinces:

Oregon Sullivantia can be found in Oregon, Washington

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Conservation Actions

Rae Selling Berry Seed Bank & Plant Conservation Program
  • 10/30/2019

In 2019, the Rae Selling Berry Seed Bank & Plant Conservation Program of Portland State University participated in a seed collection effort funded by Kew Foundation America. We made new collections of Sullivantia oregana, Oregon sullivantia, at two sites in the Columbia River Gorge. This species grows only in moist seeps or waterfall spray areas on cliff faces where the habitat is moist to wet most of the year. It has been found in only a very few sites in Oregon and Washington. The two Oregon collection sites were Starvation Creek Falls State Park (SCFSP) and a seep/waterfall between Multnomah Falls and Wahkeena Falls (MFWF). Although ramets are numerous at these sites, the percentage of flowering individuals is low, but individuals can produce numerous flowers, resulting in a few high seed counts.

At SCFSP, the population was quite large with many accessible individuals. We collected capsules (attempting to limit collection to no more than 10% of any individual’s seed output) from 95 individuals. Eighty-nine of these accessions yielded seeds, for a total of 9360 seeds.

At MFWF, the population was smaller and more circumscribed by low water volume, and many plants were out of reach on the sheer rock face. We collected capsules from 30 plants, 27 of which yielded seeds, for a total of 564 seeds.

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Taxon Sullivantia oregana
Authority S. Wats.
Family Saxifragaceae
CPC Number 4167
ITIS 505407
Common Names Oregon Sullivantia | Oregon coolwort
Associated Scientific Names Sullivantia oregana
State Rank
State State Rank
Oregon S2
Washington S1
Ecological Relationships


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