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Mt. Diablo Manzanita (Arctostaphylos auriculata)

Photo Credit: ©2016 John Doyen
  • Global Rank: G2 - Imperiled
  • Legal Status: N/A
  • Family: Ericaceae
  • State: CA
  • Nature Serve ID: 135324
  • Date Inducted in National Collection:

Arctostaphylos auriculata, or the Mt. Diablo Manzanita, is a low, evergreen shrub that can only be found in the Mt. Diablo area (Contra Costa County) where other endemic species can be found including the Mt. Diablo sunflower (Helianthelia castanea) and Mt. Diablo fairy-lantern (Calochortus pulchellus). It is in this region where A. auriculata thrives in lower montane chaparral. Characteristic of manzanitas, theyre woody shrubs that sprout pink, hanging, bell-shaped blooms between January and March, eventually maturing into apple-shaped fruit. There are currently Imperiled with about 19 known occurrences as of 2005. This species is restricted to Mt. Diablo mainly because of its preferences for sandstone but other factors include off-trail use, fire suppression, brush clearing, and grazing.

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Taxon Arctostaphylos auriculata
Authority Eastw.
Family Ericaceae
CPC Number 208
ITIS 23473
Common Names Mt. Diablo manzanita | Mount Diablo manzanita
Associated Scientific Names Arctostaphylos auriculata | Arctostaphylos andersonii var. auriculata | Uva-ursi auriculata
Distribution As its common name suggests, the Mt. Diablo manzanita is endemic and can only be found on or near Mt. Diablo in Contra Costa county. 
State Rank
State State Rank
California S2

Mt. Diablo, the sole occurrence of A. auriculata, consists mainly of chaparral flora and sandstone. 

Ecological Relationships

A. auriculata shares beneficial relationships with various species of pollinating insects and hummingbirds. 

Common Name Name in Text Association Type Source InteractionID
Lead Institution State Reintroduction Type Year of First Outplanting

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