The State Botanical Garden of Georgia

CPC institution Code: SBGG
Echinacea laevigata

The State Botanical Garden of Georgia, like so many other North American gardens, is committed to conservation of these valuable resources and the education of children, students and the general public in the importance and the wonder of a healthy environment. We are part of the University of Georgia but, as a unit of UGAs Public Service and Outreach our audience is everyone; from tots to seniors, from Athens to Zurich, everyone is welcome and we hope everyone leaves with heightened enjoyment and appreciation of our natural world.

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Taxon Family Global Rank Legal Status Sponsorship Status
Baptisia arachnifera Fabaceae G1 LE Available
Echinacea laevigata Asteraceae G2 LE Available

Conservation Contacts

Jennifer Cruse-Sanders, Ph.D.
John Graham
Assistant Director
Jennifer Ceska
Conservation Coordinator
Jim Affolter, Ph.D.
Director of Conservation and Research
Linda Chafin
Conservation Botanist
Heather Alley
Conservation Horticulturist
Connie Cottingham
Public Relations & Events