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    Caroline IacuanielloCPC Conservation Officer

    Good morning,

    Are most of you doing sequencing in house or do you send it out? I am looking for a facility that does affordable ddRADseq, ideally including enzyme selection and library prep.Does anybody have any suggestions or recommendations? Previously we were using Texas A&M, unfortunately they will no longer be doing enzyme selection or library prep. Looking online I see that only a few institutions are offering ddRADseq and most of these are ~5X what we were paying before. I am also open to using a different sequencing method-I see a number of genotyping-by-sequencing methods and would love some input if someone has a favorite that is not ddRADseq.  I am also open to doing the prep in house and sending out the sequencing if that is more cost effective. Thank you in advance for any advice you might have.


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