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    Steve BlackwellCPC Conservation Officer

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone could remind me where to order the 4.5″ x 4.5″ plastic containers for germ testing. I ordered them many years ago but I can’t figure out from where. They are the ones in the attached photos. Thanks! -Steve

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    Katie HeinemanCPC Conservation Officer

    Is this the type of germination box you use @lisa-hill?


    winkelmb@mail.uc.eduCPC Conservation Officer

    Hi Steve,

    I tried to search for the boxes in the photos you provided by using google lens and managed to find something that looks identical to the box in your photo, although they aren’t marketed as being for seed germination. They can be found here: https://dogwoodridgebees.com/o-comb-honey-trays-with-lids-clear-plastic-100-count/

    Alternatively, for seed germination our lab uses either large petri dishes or phytatrays, which you can get from Sigma. The phytatrays can be found here: https://www.sigmaaldrich.com/US/en/product/sigma/p5929

    Hopefully this helps!

    Steve BlackwellCPC Conservation Officer


    Yep these are the same ones. Funny thing is I actually saw a vendor at a farmer’s market using them for honeycomb and thought to myself how they were the exact same ones we used for seed germination. I didn’t order them from a beekeeping supply store last time but it seems that’s the only place I can find them now. Thanks so much!

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