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    The Newingham Aridland Ecology Lab (http://newinghamlab.weebly.com) is seeking a full-time technician to assist with aridland ecosystem research. Our lab evaluates the effects of fire, climate change, and invasive species on plant and soil properties, as well as how restoration affects ecosystem recovery. The technician will primarily work on a project evaluating how fuel treatments affect subsequent wildfires and ecosystem trajectories; however, other projects include climate change effects on post-fire rehabilitation, wind and water erosion post-fire, and restoring native habitat in the Great Basin and Mojave deserts. We work closely with universities, state, and federal agencies to address natural resource issues and land management.


    Job duties include:

    ●        Oversee project management and personnel; coordinate activities with others in the lab and collaborators.

    ●        Conduct ecological research by contributing to research design, establishing experiments, collecting data, and reporting results.

    ●        Lead field crews and work in collaboration with graduate students and technicians.

    ●        Data entry, management, and analysis; participate in scientific conferences; write scientific documents.

    ●        Assist with hiring technicians, purchasing, and budget management.

    ●        Conduct field research in remote and primitive areas under strenuous physical and climatological situations.

    ●        Interact with scientists and land managers from state and federal agencies, such as the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Nevada Department of Wildlife, University of Nevada Reno, and other universities.

    Minimum Qualifications

    ●        Education: BS degree in biology, ecology, natural resources, or closely related field. MS degree is preferred.

    ●        At least four years of field ecology research experience.

    ●        Previous experience with soil and plant sampling and sample analysis. Plant identification skills required; experience with soil sampling and micrometeorological equipment preferred.

    ●        Strong knowledge of field plot establishment, monitoring, and experimental design.

    ●        Experience with field and laboratory safety protocol and procedures, including basic analytical chemistry skills; maintaining and troubleshooting equipment.

    ●        Experience with data management, graphing, and statistical analysis. Ability to use Excel, as well as other graphing and statistical software packages, such as R. Preferred knowledge of multivariate statistics.

    ●        Experience using GPS and GIS (ArcGIS or QGIS) to locate and establish field plots, as well as conduct spatial analyses.

    ●        Ability to contribute to written reports, peer-reviewed manuscripts, and give presentations at scientific conferences.

    ●        Willingness and ability to camp and work in varied field conditions possibly for extended periods that may involve: 1) off-road hiking up and down hills, 2) carrying loads up to 30 lbs, and 3) withstanding periods of inclement weather during all seasons.

    ●        Possess a valid driver’s license and experience operating 4WD vehicles.

    ●        Demonstrated ability to work independently and in a group.

    ●        Supervisory experience, including leading field crews.

    ●        Ability to communicate with stakeholders and collaborators.


    Employment and Application Information

    The candidate will work with the USDA Agricultural Research Service and University of Nevada, Reno. The position is based in Reno, NV, with a preferred start date in May or June 2022 continuing for one year or more pending funding. Salary is commensurate with experience and includes health insurance, paid leave, and retirement benefits. Please send a resume, list of four references, unofficial transcript(s), and a letter detailing your skills, experience, and/or interest to Dr. Beth Newingham at beth.newingham@usda.gov. Review of applications will commence April 11, 2022 and remain open until the position is filled. Please contact Dr. Newingham with any questions.

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