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    Requisition No: 379523

    Agency: Agriculture and Consumer Services

    Working Title: BIOLOGICAL SCIENTIST III – 42003742 1

    Position Number: 42003742

    Salary:  $36,467.60 – $45,584.50

    Posting Closing Date: 07/01/2021






    Kristin Bennett, (863) 940-6710, Corey Walk, (863) 589-0528

    A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a major in one of the biological sciences and two (2) years of professional biological experience in a field or laboratory program; or

    A master’s degree from an accredited college or university in one of the biological sciences and one (1) year of professional experience as described above; or

    A doctorate from an accredited college or university in one of the biological sciences.

    Certain positions within this class require individuals to meet specific federal or state regulations as identified by the employing agency.

    Requires possession of a valid driver license.


    This professional position is responsible to the Forestry Resource Administrator. This person will work to plan, develop, and coordinate land management practices that enhance and protect natural plant communities and animal species on Lake Wales Ridge State Forest and other state lands as needed. Specific examples of work performed include, but are not limited to, the following:

    Survey mapped populations of 16 federally listed species at Lake Wales Ridge State Forest (LWRSF); update GPS/GIS (Global Positioning System /Geographic Information) maps of populations (or individuals if n<100) of listed species. Conduct floristic surveys on the state forest and assist in floristic surveys on other public lands as needed.

    Develop and implement demography projects (i.e., monitor tagged individuals) for at least half of the 8 species subject to level 3 monitoring in order to determine their management requirements. Small, medium, and large populations should be selected so that trends can be detected. Coordinate with outside researchers to avoid duplication of effort in plant demography projects.

    Develop Scrub Maintenance Project by establishing a written monitoring protocol to track the success of the application of high intensity prescribed fire to maintain habitat requirements of scrub endemics.

    Assist with the Sand Pine Scrub Co-operative Research Project being conducted in collaboration with ecologists from the Department of Environmental Protection, Archbold Biological Station, and The Nature Conservancy.

    Work with the forester on timber harvest planning in sand pine scrub and cutthroat grass. Continue vegetation-monitoring project and coordinate with the forester on effects of logging on listed species in sand pine scrub.

    Provide input for burn planning on the state forest and conduct post burn analysis and monitoring of plants.

    Conduct field research projects (responses to disturbances, seed viability, etc.) to improve understanding of the effects of management activities on any of the 16 listed species where current knowledge is lacking. Coordinate and collaborate with outside researchers to avoid duplication of effort in these areas.

    Assist in the development, administration, and implementation of ecologically sound forest management prescriptions that promote native habitat integrity and protect rare, threatened, and endangered species of plants and animals. Promote the enhancement of these populations through specific habitat controls. Coordinate ecosystem management practices with federal, state, other local agencies and appropriate environmental private organizations to ensure a blended, well-balanced management program for these species. Survey, inventory, and monitor rare, threatened and endangered species of flora and fauna and maintain a permanent record of essential information for future management purposes. Attend and be involved in the Lake Wales Ridge Ecosystem Working Group.

    Assist other Florida Forest Service (FFS) biologists in conducting routine field inspections to inventory and monitor condition of forest units, habitats, and plant populations. Assist other state agencies with preparation and update of natural areas inventory as regards rare plants. Coordinate with other FFS biologists in the relocation of threatened and endangered species and evaluation of ecological mitigation projects.

    Perform other related duties as assigned including the proper maintenance of all assigned equipment and vehicles

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