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    John ClarkSubscriber

    The goal stated in our IMLS grant is to bring the expertise of the CPC network to a larger audience. What communication channels (listservs, conferences) or communication strategies (marketing, social media) would be most useful in spreading encourage stake holders such as government agencies, land managers, garden clubs, and conservation-minded citizens to utilize the resources on this site. 

    Barbara MillenCPC Conservation Officer

    For GCA, we ought to work with their Conservation Officer and see if we can negotiate GCA sending the link to Plant Nucleus to their member clubs, 200 across the country.  For universities, we ought to see if our PIs have university affiliations and work with them.  In addition, Board members may have affiliations we could tap.  If we make a short list of universities and work at these to develop a model for how we might make faculty and students aware of CPC, we could then expand to others. They might also help us work on Plant blindness! I’m happy to help with Harvard and BU. 

    Kimberlie McCueCPC Conservation Officer

    I would suggest including students in the list of stake holders. I am thinking specifically about university (undergrad and grad) students. We should all reach out to our interns/students to share the plant nucleus site and encourage them to explore the site.

    Jonathan WrightCPC Conservation Officer

    Understanding that many PI’s are members of APGA, but not all are able to be here for the launch of the beta testing- are there plans to announce or roll this out to more institutions, perhaps at APGA.  In DC in June is a great opportunity.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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