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    Desiree YanesSubscriber

    I am trying to create an excel sheet or database that compiles data on state-listed species in the area I manage with related info such as current/historical location, presence/absence from that location, population size, threat level, recommended conservation action, conservation priority, etc.. Does anyone happen to have a good example of how they organize this information? I am hoping this would allow me to better track currently known populations, as well as identify and prioritize species or populations in need of a conservation action (woody management, invasive management, augmentation, etc.) I would so appreciate if you could share any resources with me!

    Steve BlackwellCPC Conservation Officer

    Hi Desiree,

    I don’t have a spreadsheet like this, but you might want to use the IUCN assessments as a guide for the types of fields you want to use in your database. Here’s an example https://www.iucnredlist.org/species/22486502/22488106

    Not sure if this is what you had in mind so I hope it helps.




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    Desiree YanesSubscriber

    This is super helpful! Thank you Steve! I can definitely utilize some of these fields to help me track this information better.

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