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    Katie HeinemanCPC Conservation Officer

    Our team is conducting a reintroduction of Torrey pines seedlings along a topographically diverse landscape. We want monitor in-situ temperature at our various experiment plots. In the past, I’ve alway used iButtons for field temperature measurements and I am happy with their durability and battery life. However, it’s a real pain to bring them in from the field and use the clunky OneWire software to extract data. We’re gonna try a few Kestral drops  which is a bluetooth sensor that can upload data directly to an app on your phone. Has anyone had experience with this or other bluetooth temp sensors? Does it work well in terms of measurement and data transfer?

    Jennifer PossleyCPC Conservation Officer

    We are in the exact same boat!  iButtons are good but feel like they are from 1985, and we were also about to purchase Kestrel drops.  I look forward to hearing answers from a Kestrel user, hopefully

    Mark BrownleeSubscriber

    Thanks for this thread; we’re looking for a good, new solution, too!


    Emma NeigelSubscriber

    Hello can anyone speak to the reliability of ibuttons vs Hobo data loggers? I need to purchase quite a few for a long-term monitoring project to test different site and micro-site conditions so looking for something that ideally also has bluetooth and winter-freezing tolerance year-round. Maybe these Kestrel ones are a good option!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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