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    • Announcements
      The Announcements Forum is a platform-wide channel for announcing plant conservation news such as posting job postings, project news, upcoming conferences/workshops updates. Users are welcome to ask follow up questions on announcements, however, questions related to specific conservation topics should be posted within topic-specific boards.
    • Conventional Seed Banking
      CPC Best Practice Chapter Conventional Seed Banking outlines ex situ conservation actions for seeds of species that are capable of being stored at freezing temperatures. Users are welcome to ask questions about this section & seed baking in general, share news & knowledge about seed banking from their institution, and comment on Frequently Asked Questions generated by CPC about conventional seed banking.
    • Documentation and Data Sharing
      CPC Best Practice Chapter Documentation and Data Sharing describes the type and format of documentation that comprise best practices needed to ensure the possibility for universal sharing of seed collection, propagation, and reintroduction data. Users are welcome to ask questions about this section & data sharing in general and share news & knowledge about data sharing conducted by their institution.
    • Exceptional Species Curation
      CPC Best Practices Chapter Alternatives to Conventional Seed Banking describes the special handling and options available for species that have seeds that cannot withstand desiccation and freezing. These options include "living collections" of plants in field genebanks, conservation groves, inter-situ collection, tissue culture and cryopreservation. Users are welcome to ask questions about this section & exceptional species curation in general, and share news & knowledge about this topic from their institution.
    • Land/Habitat Management Forum
      Habitat loss and degradation is a significant threat to plant diversity globally.  Managing threats, such as invasive species, agricultural land userecreational activities, and restoring native habitat are critical to the long term survival of rare plant species. Land Management does not currently have an associated section in the CPC best practices but discourse from this forum will help inform what topics and authors that should be involved in future guidelines.
    • Mentoring, Internships, and Training
      This forum is intended for the CPC community to share ideas around mentoring, internship advising, and training. For Announcements such as internship/job opportunities you want to distribute to entire CPC Rare Plant Academy community (consisting of many students, conservation enthusiast, and conservation professionals) please use the Announcements forum.
    • Other Topics
      Use the discussion board for general discussion and topics not covered by other categories.
    • Plant Monitoring and Demography
      Accurately assessing the population status of species in the wild (in-situ) is the primary way plant conservationists identify species in need of ex-situ curation in botanical gardens. Plant Monitoring and Demography does not currently have an associated section in the CPC best practices but discourse from this forum will help inform what topics and authors that should be involved in future guidelines.
    • Platform Beta Testing Feedback
      Please report bugs & copy errors, request new features, or make usability/design suggestions in this discussion forum. If you agree with a suggestion by another user, please "like" the post. Remeber, you are a co-creator! We want to hear your feedback.