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CPC Rare Plant Academy is a hub of learning, sharing, and discovery for the plant conservation community. CPC Rare Plant Academy brings the Center for Plant Conservation Best Practices to life by integrating instructional videos and community discourse with web-based interactive guidelines for plant conservation methods. This platform seeks to answer plant conservation’s most challenging “how to’s” by capturing the knowledge of Center for Plant Conservation’s network of expert botanists in modern, learning-friendly formats. As such, CPC Rare Plant Academy will be a training ground for the next generation of plant conservation scientists, who will be the first line of defense against plant extinction. This platform is funded by Institute for Museum and Library Services National Leadership Grant: MG-70-18-0064-18.

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Conventional Seed Banking

conservation actions for seeds of species that are capable of being stored at freezing temperatures

Rare Plant Reintroduction

The framework for conservation actions that can improve the chance of successful rare plant reintroductions to the wild

Land / Habitat Management

Managing threats and restoring native habitat are critical to the long term survival of rare plant species

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