Data Sharing Among Plant Conservation Networks

Anne Frances, NatureServe

The NatureServe Network comprises 80+ member programs in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Each member program has been “tracking” rare plants for over 30 years. Tracking entails surveying, mapping, monitoring, protecting, and assigning conservation statuses. As a network, NatureServe has standard methods and a shared data model to “roll-up” jurisdictional datasets into one central database. NatureServe maintains the central database, providing the taxonomic framework, exchanging data with each member program, and making changes to the data model as necessary. The consolidated central database allows NatureServe central to assign National and Global Ranks, as well as conduct Red List Assessments. This presentation will focus on lessons learned from network-wide data-sharing and explore current challenges and opportunities that result from new technology and increased access to data. We will discuss ways to share data among multiple networks for more effective and efficient plant conservation.