Conservation Genetics at the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research: A (personal) historical perspective

Oliver A. Ryder, Director, Conservation Genetics, Kleberg Endowed Chair, San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research

In January, 1975 genetics studies commenced at the San Diego with group of researchers who would become the core of CRES, the Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species – now the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research. Founded by Kurt Benirschke, MD, cell culture and chromosomal analyses were first established. In June of that year, the first postdoctoral fellow joined the team, Oliver Ryder. By the time that Dr. Benirschke left the employ of the Zoo (to join its Board of Trustees), the research disciplines had expanded to include reproductive sciences, endocrinology, behavior and virology. Ryder oversaw the continuing development of the Frozen Zoo® and projects in molecular evolution, systematics, hybridization, speciation, kinship analyses, and population genetics, each area evolving as new technologies became available. An historical overview, the continuing development of conservation genetics at ICR in the era of genomics, and the incorporation of advanced cellular technologies for genetic rescue into our Conservation Genetics toolkit will be presented.