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CPC Conservation Directory

CPC was founded in 1984 with the guiding principal that the world’s plant conservation experts must come together to make a meaningful difference in preserving plant diversity for future generations. A principal goal is to advance the science of plant conservation and to openly and effectively share best practices with as many conservation practitioners as possible.

CPC is a network of 56 Participating Institutions. These botanical gardens, arboreta, and organizations are working to save plant diversity for future generations. The Conservation Officers within this Network are some of the leading plant conservationists in the world. Individually and collectively, they advance the science of saving some of the rarest plants in the world.

Conservation Directory

CPC Best Plant Conservation Practices to Support Species Survival in the Wild

Plant conservation is multifaceted and runs the spectrum from monitoring populations in the wild to long term management of species in gardens and/or seed banks to reintroductions to the wild. The CPC Best Plant Conservation Practices to Support Species Survival in the Wild cover the spectrum of efforts and include cutting-edge recommendations on collecting and storing seed, increasing seed from small samples, and also using alternative storage and propagation methods, such as tissue culture and cryo- preservation.

These guidelines offer a tangible and immensely useful tool for all plant conservation practitioners both in CPC as well as to anyone willing and able to work towards our shared mission to Save Plants.

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