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Torrey's Dropseed (Muhlenbergia torreyana)

  • Global Rank: N/A
  • Legal Status: N/A
  • Family: Poaceae
  • State: DE, GA, KY, MD, NC, NJ, NY, TN, TVA

This range of the New Jersey muhly has significantly declined over the last century, but it is still found in four states, one of which is New Jersey, where the species is locally abundant in the Pine Barrens. (NatureServe 2001). A true grass, M. torreyana produces a plume of purple flowers that can be up to a foot in length that is held on a 12 to 30 stem.

Conservation Actions:
Participating Institutions
Taxon Muhlenbergia torreyana
Authority (Schultes) A.S. Hitchc.
Family Poaceae
CPC Number 2902
ITIS 41945
Common Names Torrey's dropseed | Torrey's muhly | New Jersey muhly | ring muhly
Associated Scientific Names Muhlenbergia torreyana | Sporobolus torreyanus | Agrostis compressa | Agrostis torreyana | Colpodium compressum | Muehlenbergia torreyana | Sporobolus compressus | Vilfa compressa
Distribution According to Kartesz (1999): Delaware (Historic/Extirpated) Georgia (Historic/Extirpated) Maryland (Rare) North Carolina (Rare) New Jersey (Rare) New York (Historic/Extirpated) Tennessee
State Rank
State State Rank
Delaware SX
Georgia SH
Kentucky SRF
Maryland S1
North Carolina S2
New Jersey S3
New York SX
Tennessee S1
Tennessee Valley Authority S

Moist, peaty Pine Barrens and meadows (Mitchell 1981)

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