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Plant Profile

Pine Pinweed (Lechea divaricata)

Lechea divaricata in situ.

Photo Credit: Chico Rivera
  • Global Rank: G2 - Imperiled
  • Legal Status: N/A
  • Family: Cistaceae
  • State: FL
  • Nature Serve ID: 135050
  • Lifeform: Subshrub, Forb/herb
  • Date Inducted in National Collection: 09/12/2023

Where is Pine Pinweed (Lechea divaricata) located in the wild?

States & Provinces:

Pine Pinweed can be found in Florida

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Conservation Actions

Chico Rivera
  • 09/12/2023
  • Seed Collection Genetic Research Reproductive Research Climate Research Propagation Research Demographic Research Orthodox Seed Banking

Seed collection- Lechea divaricata 

The endangered Spreading pinweed or Dry-sand pinweed (Lechea divaricata) is a perennial herb endemic to peninsular Florida, with recorded occurrences in 11 Florida counties. The plant occurs in scrubs and scrubby flatwoods. In 2023, Bok Tower Gardens’ Rare Plant Conservation Program surveyed multiple occurrence records in order to locate a suitable population for seed collection and preservation for the CPC Florida Plant Rescue project. In June 2023, a population on well managed, protected land in Brevard County was selected.  Seeds were collected from 55 maternal parent plants in July and August by placing seed collection bags on stems containing ripening seeds, and collecting the bags when the seeds became ripe. Seeds were cleaned of debris, kept separate by maternal source plant, and sorted for safety duplication to be stored at the National Laboratory for Genetic Resources Preservation and at the National Collection facilities at Bok Tower Gardens. During seed collection, unripe as well as fully ripe seeds were collected for concurrent germination trials, which should provide important information on whether seeds of this species after-ripen, as well as initial germination rates for fresh seeds of this species. This information may be useful for land managers to better understand their populations, and whether seeds forcibly removed by strong winds, especially since seed ripening takes place during hurricane season, could have an impact on population dynamics.


Close-up look of Leachea divaricata plant containing multiple seeds     Orange organza bag wrapped over multiple stems that contain seeds

Nature Serve Biotics
  • 05/02/2017

A species with a restricted current range due to extreme pressures on its habitat. The Florida Natural Areas Inventory's database contains 13 occurrence records, located in Highlands, Palm Beach, Martin, and Hernando counties, Florida. Species may occur in Alabama as well.

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Taxon Lechea divaricata
Authority Shuttlw. ex Britt.
Family Cistaceae
CPC Number 2460
ITIS 503353
Duration Perennial
Common Names Pine Pinweed | drysand pinweed
Associated Scientific Names Lechea divaricata
State Rank
State State Rank
Florida S2
Ecological Relationships


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