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Meet Our Team

photo of John R. Clark, Ph.D

John R. Clark, Ph. D.
President and CEO

Dr. Clark leads CPC’s national efforts to save endangered plants through scientific research, applied conservation, and technology innovation. While John’s academic training and background is in basic research, his particular passion is for developing strong collaborations and bringing together world experts in a variety of disciplines to achieve measurable conservation outcomes.

Email: JClark@saveplants.org

photo of Joyce Maschinski, Ph.D.

Joyce Maschinski, Ph.D.
Vice President, Conservation and Science

Dr. Maschinski develops, oversees, and synthesizes plant conservation research related to seed banking, habitat restoration, and preventing the extinction of rare plant species. Joyce’s research interests have centered on understanding factors that limit reproduction, growth, and expansion of rare plant populations. She has examined the impact of human activities on rare plants and provided management solutions for the conservation of rare species.

Email:  JMaschinski@saveplants.org

photo of Maureen Wilmot

Maureen Wilmot
Vice President, Operations and Advancement

Maureen Wilmot oversees the operations of CPC. She brings more than 25 years of experience in government and non-profit management, fundraising, communication and outreach, marine science, and environmental policy to the organization. Her goal is help organizations be resilient, sustainable, effective and impactful.

Email: MWilmot@saveplants.org

photo of Katie Heineman

Katie Heineman, Ph.D.
Plant Ecologist and Data Scientist

Dr. Heineman ensures the quality of database records and data analysis for the ongoing research projects in restoration and rare plant conservation. Before joining CPC, she worked with the National Science Foundation Research Coordinator Network to develop a web-based data portal for data sharing and collaboration. She has a strong interest in improving access to biological data for conservation research and promoting cooperative research among institutions.

Email: KHeineman@saveplants.org