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About the Center for Plant Conservation

The mission of the Center for Plant Conservation is to ensure stewardship of imperiled native plants.

photo of Vein Leaf Monardella (Monardella douglasii ssp. venosa)

The Center for Plant Conservation (CPC) is a one-of-a-kind network of conservation partners, collectively known as CPC Participating Institutions (PIs; now including more than 60 institutions), that collaboratively work to save the imperiled plants of the United States and Canada. CPC PIs maintain the CPC National Collection of Endangered Plants, a living conservation collection of imperiled plants, by working to collect and manage living seeds and plants, advancing our understanding of threats as well as means to save these species, and by communicating with partners within the CPC network to ensure that all are using the best and most up-to-date means possible to Save Plants.

Greater than the sum of its parts, the CPC network saves more plant species together than would ever be possible alone. This is done through the timely sharing of information, data and expertise and facilitated by the community of practice that is CPC where the world’s experts regularly convene to discuss and apply methods that result in far greater numbers of plants saved from extinction.

Why we Save Plants:

Without plants there would be no us. Plants are integral to our quality of life and essential to our very survival. Plants clean the air, water and soil and provide food, clothing, medicine and shelter for the Earth’s 7 billion human inhabitants. Plants also hold an immeasurable intrinsic value, providing beauty, tranquility and escape from an ever increasingly chaotic world. Integral to the world’s ecosystem, plants and their incredible diversity make life as we know it possible.

How we Save Plants:

  • We advance the science of saving plants.
  • We apply this science to save imperiled plant species here in North America.
  • We advocate on behalf of our collective efforts to Save Plants and promote the value of plants to humankind.

The results:

To date, we now have over one third of North American imperiled plants (1,500 of 4,400 kinds) secured in the CPC National Collection. We have active research programs going on in dozens of organizations in the U.S., all working to overcome conservation challenges for the remaining two thirds of imperiled North American plants. Challenges such as seed storage, plant propagation and preservation/recovery of species in the wild, are all being addressed by CPC partners.

CPC’s model of collaborative work and a shared responsibility to Save Plants, a world first, has been used as the basis for other national and global efforts. Our guidelines, developed over decades of intensive collaborative work, are used by many organizations and plant conservationists around the world to Save Plants.

We invite you to review our 2018 Annual Report as we continue to work towards saving more plants.