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September 2020 News

In this month’s Save Plants, we explore some key teaching/learning experiences offered within the CPC Network. Teachers get the opportunity to watch the light bulbs turn on when there is an “Ah ha!” moment of discovery and understanding. Learners get a chance to have a helping hand of experience, while they make their own footprint on our world.

As Seen on CPC’s Rare Plant Academy – A National Native Plant Society

NPCC offers tools to effectively communicate the importance of native plant conservation to audiences that traditionally have been difficult to reach. Watch the video and learn more about NPCC and how they are working to make the importance of plants more understandable to all.

August 2020 News

In this issue of Save Plants, we clarify the parameters of advocacy for plants. Because rare plants are little known or understood by policymakers and because they have no voice of their own, CPC embraces the role of speaking up for plants.

A Rose by Any Other Name

Accurate plant taxonomy is important when keeping data, and especially when sharing data. Make sure that rose means the same flower to those receiving the data as it does to you! Database managers need to check the names of species in their datasets against up-to-date taxonomies regularly, because names change more often than you might think.

Digital Bean Counting

The challenge of compiling data has real conservation importance. In 2019, the California legislature approved a $3 million budget line item to collect seed from all remaining rare plant species in California not currently represented in the California Plant Rescue seed banking network.

June 2020 News

We of the “Plant Tribe” know that plant conservation requires long-term commitments. We commit to our conservation work while ensuring kindness for ourselves, our loved ones, our colleagues, and our community. We do this so that our children and great grandchildren may inherent a healthy and sane planet. Read about this commitment in our latest issue of Save Plants.

May 2020 News

This month’s Save Plants pays tribute to life forms that are critical living partners of endangered plants that are often unseen, but directly or indirectly support healthy plants and a healthy planet. From diverse lichens that are soil creators and sensitive indicators of environmental change to soil crusts that allow plants to survive harsh droughts, we take a moment to appreciate the small entities that play a large role in our world.