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November 2020 News

In this November issue of Save Plants, we feature CPC network conservation partners, who have incorporated lessons from nature to design intentional, sustainable, water-wise, healthy gardens and public landscapes, and those who have designed experiments in natural areas to help interpret and use nature’s lessons about resilience.

October 2020 News

The CPC National Meeting has always been a centerpiece of our plant conservation work and the fine individuals who endeavor to Save Plants.  Despite not being able to be together physically, we managed to capture the essence of our meeting in a virtual way in 2020. Going virtual had its challenges, but it also had some advantages.

September 2020 News

In this month’s Save Plants, we explore some key teaching/learning experiences offered within the CPC Network. Teachers get the opportunity to watch the light bulbs turn on when there is an “Ah ha!” moment of discovery and understanding. Learners get a chance to have a helping hand of experience, while they make their own footprint on our world.

August 2020 News

In this issue of Save Plants, we clarify the parameters of advocacy for plants. Because rare plants are little known or understood by policymakers and because they have no voice of their own, CPC embraces the role of speaking up for plants.

July 2020 News

In this issue, we honor the state Natural Heritage Programs and the NatureServe Network. When all of us share our data, we generate great value that helps us accomplish efficient targeted plant conservation.

June 2020 News

We of the “Plant Tribe” know that plant conservation requires long-term commitments. We commit to our conservation work while ensuring kindness for ourselves, our loved ones, our colleagues, and our community. We do this so that our children and great grandchildren may inherent a healthy and sane planet. Read about this commitment in our latest issue of Save Plants.

May 2020 News

This month’s Save Plants pays tribute to life forms that are critical living partners of endangered plants that are often unseen, but directly or indirectly support healthy plants and a healthy planet. From diverse lichens that are soil creators and sensitive indicators of environmental change to soil crusts that allow plants to survive harsh droughts, we take a moment to appreciate the small entities that play a large role in our world.

April 2020 News

The important research and conservation actions featured this month focus on plants that do not produce flowers. No less beautiful, no less interesting, these plants have benefited from long-term dedication and study by our Participating Institutions. We are pleased to showcase this exceptional work and the people who make it happen.

March 2020 News

Today we have the pleasure of sharing good news about the rediscovery of plants once thought to be extinct and the great work our Participating Institutions are doing to recover the species in the wild.  Learn how new technology is helping us explore hard to access locations, the heroic efforts required in the laboratory, and great restoration results.

February 2020 News

Explore this issue of Save Plants to understand how urban connections to nature are being formed in South Florida, and how your home garden may become part of a solution – especially if you understand the nuances of what it means for a plant to be native.

January 2020 News

This month’s newsletter focuses on the California Biodiversity Initiative and its vision for plant conservation. Learn about the work CPC is doing with the California Native Plant Society to realize this vision.