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November 2019 News

This month, our newsletter focuses on the work of 2 CPC Participating Institutions, North Carolina Botanical Garden and Waimea Valley Botanical Garden, and their interesting work preserving imperiled plants on U.S. Department of Defense lands. We also introduce our newly appointed President and CEO, Joyce Maschinski, Ph.D., who has been a true Conservation Champion her whole career.

October 2019 News

Systematics is the study of the evolutionary relationships of living organisms. Systematics includes taxonomy – the naming and categorization of species, as well as elements of genetics, anatomy, ecology and behavior - all used to understand and classify the origins and diversification of life, including plants.

September 2019 News

The strength of CPC has always been its partnerships. In its founding, the central idea was - and is today - to bring together a wide variety of groups interested in saving plants so that all will learn, grow and become more effective at conservation. A testament to this is the value that the CPC National Meeting brings to our partners. The meeting and related events bring together our partners, fostering community, building collaborations and strengthening bonds - bonds that oftentimes become true friendships. In this way, the "CPC family" is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

August 2019 News

Islands are indeed paradise. These remarkably special places have all of the allure and romance we often imagine, but are also incredibly challenged in the face of a rapidly changing world. In this month's Save Plants newsletter, we focus on the rare plants under threat on islands and highlight the incredible efforts of those working to save them.

July 2019 News

This month we are featuring just one article - giving you a taste of what is in store for our August issue about rare plants and islands. Please enjoy this month’s feature article about the recent work on islands off the coast of California and Mexico. Get a feel of what it’s like to travel to these islands and the challenges plant conservationists face.

June 2019 News

This month’s issue of SavePlants highlights one of the most inspiring of all plant families, the orchids. Unfortunately, what makes orchids so irresistible also makes them prone to exploitation and loss. Many orchids are among the most imperiled species on the planet. Read more about how CPC is working to protect this beautiful plant family.

May 2019 News

In this month’s issue of SavePlants we review some of the highlights from our 2019 Annual National Meeting. This three-day conference brought together the leaders in plant conservation of the CPC Participating Institutions (PIs) to share and learn cutting-edge science and technology. These are the researchers who are acting now, and with unprecedented success, to save plants from extinction.

April 2019 News

Natural lands. Regardless of what we call them, these tracts of land dominated by native plants, animals, fungi, and all manner of microorganisms form the living fabric of our planet. Center for Plant Conservation Participating Institutions are often the first line of defense in protecting these vital habitats where many imperiled species hang on to their very existence.

March 2019 News

Celebrating International Women’s Day, we highlight a few of the careers of notable women among us working every day in the name of plants. From in-the-field conservationists to lab-based conservation geneticists, and every conservation job in between, women are making our mission possible.

January 2019 News

In this month’s issue of SavePlants, we highlight the tools and techniques that are on the cutting edge of plant conservation science, encapsulated and shared via the CPC guidelines. From cryopreservation to advanced genetics, plant conservation involves far more than collecting and growing out seeds. Read on to understand more about what it takes to Save Plants!