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Manage Contacts from Your Institution

CPC maintains a database of key contacts at CPC participating institutions consisting personnel from five main categories: Directors, Assistant to the Director, Conservation Officers, Conservation Program Staff, and Marketing/Communications. The contacts listed here will be assembled annually into our printable “Buzz Book” available only to CPC members. See the 2017 BuzzBook¬†here or in the CPC Network Documents Tab. The public version of this conservation directory is limited to conservation officers, conservation program staff, and directors.

Definitions of contact types:

Conservation Officer: Primary leader and point of contact for your institution’s plant conservation program (typically one person per institute – but could be more depending on structure).

Conservation Program Staff: Staff whose primary role is the conservation or curation of rare plants.

Director:  Chief executive of organization with final approval over external partnerships (typically one person)

Assistant to the Director: Point of contact for director, who serves as the gate keeper for administrative questions. (Contact info will not be shared on web directory by default)

Marketing/Communications: Point of contact for the marketing and communications, who CPC can contact about social media coordination. (Contact info will not be shared on web directory by default)

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