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    Meg EngelhardtCPC Conservation Officer

    Is there a different way to check notifications rather than email? I’d be much more likely to engage and respond if I can respond to notifications all at once on a time that I am available. It would be great to easily see which notifications I have not yet responded to (even if they were months old).

    Rowan BlaikCPC Conservation Officer

    RSS feeds for the latest ‘new topics’ and ‘new comments’ would be a convenient way to keep a check!

    Katie HeinemanCPC Conservation Officer

    I like the idea of having both RSS feeds & notifications. Currently, it is not easy to see the most recent activity on the forum. I think email notifications at some interval are still necessary to prevent users from forgetting about the platform completely… Would email digests at weekly or monthly intervals be a helpful alternative? 

    Meg EngelhardtCPC Conservation Officer

    It would be nice to not receive an email to notify when I comment on a question I was following.

    Jennifer NealeCPC Conservation Officer

    Perhaps there could also be a ‘notifications’ feature when you log in – similar to what Facebook does to let you know there are new notifications for you. This way you could easily see how many notifications you have.

    Sheila MurrayCPC Conservation Officer

    I agree, I personally do not want the email overload. Having a monthly “notifications available” reminder email would be acceptable, with a notifications feature in the website when you choose to log on. Maybe create opt-in check boxes on threads you wish to have immediate email updates.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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