Mrs. Meyers tours Texas in support of Center for Plant Conservation

Our friends at Mrs. Meyers Clean Day are deep into their Rooted in Goodness Spring Tour and donating to CPC along the way. They are hitting the road visiting community events and festivals to spread a little goodness across the U.S. To celebrate their tour in Texas we are sharing some of the good works of our Texas based Participating Institutions. Check out some of the great conservation going on in the Lone Star State.

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May 2019 News

In this month’s issue of SavePlants we review some of the highlights from our 2019 Annual National Meeting. This three-day conference brought together the leaders in plant conservation of the CPC Participating Institutions (PIs) to share and learn cutting-edge science and technology. These are the researchers who are acting now, and with unprecedented success, to save plants from extinction.

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April 2019 News

Natural lands. Regardless of what we call them, these tracts of land dominated by native plants, animals, fungi, and all manner of microorganisms form the living fabric of our planet. Center for Plant Conservation Participating Institutions are often the first line of defense in protecting these vital habitats where many imperiled species hang on to their very existence.

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January 2019 News

In this month’s issue of SavePlants, we highlight the tools and techniques that are on the cutting edge of plant conservation science, encapsulated and shared via the CPC guidelines. From cryopreservation to advanced genetics, plant conservation involves far more than collecting and growing out seeds. Read on to understand more about what it takes to Save Plants!

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