January 2019 News

In this month’s issue of SavePlants, we highlight the tools and techniques that are on the cutting edge of plant conservation science, encapsulated and shared via the CPC guidelines. From cryopreservation to advanced genetics, plant conservation involves far more than collecting and growing out seeds. Read on to understand more about what it takes to Save Plants!

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June 2018 News

Save Plants CENTER FOR PLANT CONSERVATION Save Plants CENTER FOR PLANT CONSERVATION photo credit: Doreen Van Ryswyk/USFWS June 2018 Newsletter North America is a wonderfully diverse continent more often than not known for its shimmering beaches and epic [...]

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May 2018 News

Save Plants CENTER FOR PLANT CONSERVATION May 2018 Newsletter The Center for Plant Conservation (CPC) just wrapped up another successful CPC National Meeting, this year held at the Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT) in Fort Worth, Texas. Ed Schneider, executive director of BRIT, along with [...]

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