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Bladderpod | Missouri Botanical Garden

Missouri Botanical Garden is currently conducting a range-wide population genetics study of bladderpod (Physaria filiformis) using microsatellite markers. The bladderpod (also known Missouri bladderpod and Limestoneglade Bladderpod) is a sun-loving annual that occupies limestone, dolomite, or shale glades, which are sparsely vegetated grasslands with shallow soils and exposed bedrock. Known from the limestone glades [...]

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Mexican Flannelbush | Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

Fremontodendron mexicanum, commonly known as Mexican Flannelbush or Mexican Fremontia, is a tree-like shrub with bright yellow to orange flowers that bloom between March and August (USFWS 2009). This species is restricted to one site in San Diego County, its native range (USFWS 1995, 1998). All individuals found outside of its native range in [...]

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San Diego Thornmint | San Diego Zoo Global

Acanthamintha ilicifolia (San Diego thornmint) is endemic to San Diego County and the tip of northwestern Baja California. CPC Participating Institution, San Diego Zoo Global (SDZG) is conserving this plant. San Diego thornmint is an annual aromatic herb in the mint family (Lamiaceae). From April to June, it produces clusters of white, two-lipped, tubular [...]

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Preserving the Flowering Pixie-moss | Brooklyn Botanic Garden

This month we are highlighting Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s (BBG) work to preserve the Flowering Pixie-moss. This species requires open habitat to survive and is frequently encountered in New Jersey along the edges of sand roads and hiking trails. As such, it is negatively impacted by recreational activities like off road vehicles, motorcycles, and foot traffic. [...]

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