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Longflower Tuberose | San Antonio Botanical Garden

The San Antonio Botanical Garden is helping to save the Longflower Tuberose. Also known as Runyon's huaco, Amole de Río and St. Joseph's Staff (Manfreda longiflora), this is a small fleshy plant that looks a lot like an aloe with interesting reddish-brown markings. It is also commonly known as Tuberose because of its fragrant [...]

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Barratt’s Sedge | New York Botanical Garden

Barratt’s Sedge (Carex barrattii) produces pale bluish-green leaves that grow from tufts. Its flowers, which are rarely produced, are composed of interesting but difficult-to-see darkish purple flower spikes. This species was discovered in South Carolina in 1993 in a rather remarkable plant community that appears relictual from much colder times in the region (Hill and [...]

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North Park Phacelia | Denver Botanic Gardens

We'd like to commend Denver Botanic Gardens (DBG), one of our Participating Institutions, for their work and research to save plants. One of the plants they are protecting is North Park Phacelia (Phacelia formosula) which is known from multiple populations in the erosive sandstone outcrops of the Coalmont Formation in North Park of Jackson County, Colorado. Phacelia [...]

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Greater Yellow Lady’s Slipper | Longwood Gardens

The greater yellow lady's slipper (Cypripedium parviflorum var. pubescens) is a large, showy orchid, typically with multiple stems attached to solitary flowers. The flowers's sepals and outer petals comes in colors ranging from green-yellow to purplish-brown, always featuring a "slipper" of pale to deep yellow (Roth 2008). This perennial herb originates from the Blue [...]

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Persistent Trillium | Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

Persistent trillium (Trillium persistens) is a rare species only found at the head of Tallulah Gorge in Georgia and South Carolina. A large, contiguous population probably extended along the river banks before major dams and reservoirs inundated former habitat and fragmented the range. This member of the lily family, listed as endangered in 1978, [...]

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Western Prairie Fringed Orchid | Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Part of the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum's (MLA) mission is to provide a community and national resource for horticultural and environmental information, research and public education. This includes protecting species, like the Western Prairie Fringed Orchid (Platanthera praeclara), in the CPC National Collection. The fate of the Western Prairie Fringed Orchid is tied to that [...]

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Bladderpod | Missouri Botanical Garden

Missouri Botanical Garden is currently conducting a range-wide population genetics study of bladderpod (Physaria filiformis) using microsatellite markers. The bladderpod (also known Missouri bladderpod and Limestoneglade Bladderpod) is a sun-loving annual that occupies limestone, dolomite, or shale glades, which are sparsely vegetated grasslands with shallow soils and exposed bedrock. Known from the limestone glades [...]

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Mexican Flannelbush | Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

Fremontodendron mexicanum, commonly known as Mexican Flannelbush or Mexican Fremontia, is a tree-like shrub with bright yellow to orange flowers that bloom between March and August (USFWS 2009). This species is restricted to one site in San Diego County, its native range (USFWS 1995, 1998). All individuals found outside of its native range in [...]

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Baker’s Larkspur | University of California Botanical Garden

Baker's larkspur (Delphinium bakeri) remains as a single small population along a roadside in Marin County, California, not far from the Pacific coast. This perennial herb grows erect to 45 cm tall and features blue flowers in the spring. It was formerly more common in the coastal area, as far north as Sonoma [...]

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San Diego Thornmint | San Diego Zoo Global

Acanthamintha ilicifolia (San Diego thornmint) is endemic to San Diego County and the tip of northwestern Baja California. CPC Participating Institution, San Diego Zoo Global (SDZG) is conserving this plant. San Diego thornmint is an annual aromatic herb in the mint family (Lamiaceae). From April to June, it produces clusters of white, two-lipped, tubular [...]

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