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Interview with Polly Pierce, Original Board Member, CPC

This month's Conservation Champion, Polly Pierce, was part of the circle of people instrumental in ensuring the early success of the Center for Plant Conservation and dedicated many years to serving on the CPC board. Today, Polly continues to support CPC with her generosity and wisdom.

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Interview with Daniel Gluesenkamp, Ph.D., Executive Director, California Native Plant Society

If you have a chance to be in Dan Gluesenkamp’s orbit, you will experience someone with a stunning passion for plants. A brilliant orator, he has the ability to paint a vibrant picture of his conservation dreams. Perhaps even more important, he will leave you with a great sense of hope.

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Interview with Joyce Maschinski, Ph.D., President and CEO, Center for Plant Conservation

This month we take the opportunity to more thoroughly introduce our readers to the CPC’s new President and CEO, Dr. Joyce Maschinski. We at CPC look forward to Joyce’s leadership as we march forward to save plants.

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Interview with Naomi Fraga, Ph.D., Director of Conservation Programs, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

A few years ago, Naomi Fraga became Director of Conservation Programs at RSABG, tasked with formally bringing together their well established and diverse plant conservation projects under one umbrella. Having built her career to help conserve the plants she loves, she has thrived in the role, building upon the garden’s rich history of conservation work.

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New Research: Metacollections

Toward the Metacollection: Announcing IMLS-funded Research Findings Related to Plant Collection Diversity Patrick Griffith from Montgomery Botanical Center spearheaded a multi-institution initiative funded through the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to make recommendations about how botanical gardens can work together to conserve plant genetic diversity in plant metacollections. Defined as a [...]

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