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Message From Our President

From food to medicine, from clean air to clear water, to intrinsic beauty and the very landscape that covers our planet, plants define the human experience. But despite this indispensable and multifaceted role in our lives, plants are remarkably undervalued.

Nothing accentuates this neglect more than the sheer number of plants that face extinction – one fifth or more of all plants on this planet will die out in this century if current trends continue. Fortunately for humanity, there are those among us who spend their lives working to save these endangered species.

The Center for Plant Conservation (CPC) exists to serve plant conservationists in the effort to Save Plants from extinction.

The Center for Plant Conservation was founded in 1984 with the guiding principal that the world’s plant conservation experts must come together to make a meaningful difference in preserving plant diversity for future generations.

Principally focused in the U.S., CPC Participating Institutions and their conservation professionals represent many of the world’s experts in plant conservation. Using cutting edge methods and the best science available, CPC Conservation Officers as they are known, do the hard work of saving plants for future generations.

CPC’s mission is simple and proven: we ensure stewardship of imperiled native plants.

To do this, we implement the following tested and effective strategies:

  • We advance science-based best practices in plant conservation through our network of conservation partners known as Participating Institutions.
  • Our network actively applies these practices to Save Plants from extinction here in North America as part of the CPC National Collection of Endangered Plants.
  • We share best practices with conservationists all over the world and advocate for plants and their value to humankind.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please feel free to explore all it has to offer and to learn more about what CPC and its network do to Save Plants.

Because of CPC, a world leader in partnering to Save Plants, and its network of Participating Institutions, as well as the strong support from contributors great and small, we will Save Plants from extinction.


John R. Clark
President and CEO