CPC Awarded Three Year $491,630 2018 National Leadership Grant!

The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) awarded the Center for Plant Conservation (CPC) a 2018 National Leadership Grant for $491,630. This three-year grant will to support creating a real-time learning platform , where plant conservation experts can share best practices with practitioners via direct responses, pre-recorded multi-media content, and the updated guidelines, Center for Plant Conservation Best Practices in Support of Species Survival in the Wild. We believe the platform can connect today’s conservationists and train tomorrow’s professionals to save plants.

This award represents a great opportunity for CPC to showcase the brain trust of the network and it would not have been possible without the great support of Participating Institutions. Thank you to all the PIs who contributed letters of support to our proposal! The reviewers noticed!

“CPC presented a compelling case for societal and museum-specific needs to invest in an important resource for professionals, who are responsible for curating and conserving rare plant species—an irreplaceable resource—as well as mobilizing, strengthening, expanding, and equipping that community of professionals to be even more effective in their work. “

Santa Cruz Island bushmallowCPC “made clear who will benefit from the project, including an absolutely impressive network of plant conservation organizations and specialists, as well as providing invaluable learning opportunities and access to experts for interested members of the public.”

“The Appendix of letters from current members of the CPC gave added weight to the justification. The CPC seems to be uniquely qualified and situated to organize and carry out the design and construction of this resource.”

“The strong letters of support from field professionals support the belief that this project can be accomplished as discussed. Mentoring of more novice professionals, including supporting attendance at the National Conferences also increases the chance of success.”

“The key staff, consultants and advisors have the credentials, experience and track record to instill confidence in their ability to complete this project with good success. They have support from key partners, which will be critical for dissemination and achieving their intended outcomes related to use of the developed resources.”

“The applicants have clearly thought about the need and how this proposal can positively impact the future of plant communication among professionals. The group realizes the need to integrate different sources of media including videos to teach the next generation of specialists in plant studies.”

“Overall the proposal is well thought out, well- articulated and ultimately designed for success. It meets the IMLS goals and the results will be far reaching.”

“The applicants have done an excellent job of describing their intended results and how their project plan will get them there. Their intended results are reasonable and realistic and very clearly tie to the needs they’ve outlined and the project activities. The Ask a Plant Conservation Expert site will be a significant and incredibly useful tool available to virtually anyone seeking information, resources and community related to best practices in plant conservation. The plans for growing the community of users is reasonable and realistic. The applicants have laid out clear, specific and measurable/quantifiable objectives.”

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