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Mexican Flannelbush

Fremontodendron mexicanum, commonly known as Mexican Flannelbush or Mexican Fremontia, is a tree-like shrub with bright yellow to orange flowers that bloom between March and August (USFWS 2009).

This species is restricted to one site in San Diego County, its native range (USFWS 1995, 1998). All individuals found outside of its native range in the U.S. are cultivated plants. One population in Arroyo Seco, Mexico was known at the time of this species’ listing, but has been thought to be eradicated. In 2000, a population in Arroyo Hediondo, Baja California, Mexico was found with less than 20 individuals (USFWS 2009).

The Seed Conservation Program at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden (RSABG) currently houses four seed collections of this plant. Active propagation continues in the nursery and they currently has five living plants from two accessions growing in the garden.

RSABG, located in Claremont, CA, is devoted to the collection, cultivation, study, and display of native California plants and to graduate training and research in plant systematics and evolution. CPC thanks them for their dedication and conservation efforts!

The conservation experts at CPC participating institutions such as the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden share their in-depth conservation expertise about rare plants through CPC’s National Collection Plant Profiles.  

Learn more about Mexican Flannelbush.

Mexican Flannelbush photo credit: Dylan Hannon

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