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New this year to the CPC website is the interactive website tool or web app to explore pollinator networks. Most plant species rely on pollinators for reproduction. Without them, plants, including rare plant species, become even more threatened with extinction. CPC received funding from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in order to compile a database of pollinators of rare plants. Kara Powell, a 2017 Plant Conservation Summer Fellow, created a web app to bring a set of tools together, allowing users to not only interact with data, but to visualize it. Katie Heineman, PhD, notes that “the most eye-catching tool in the app is the Pollinator Network Search, which generates an interactive network of plants and pollinators associated with an organism selected by the user from the literature observations in the database. This tool allows users to compare the diversity of pollinator types among plant groups.” The web app has other features that relate to specific conservation actions such as the Common Pollinator Garden tool that generates a list of plants that share pollinators. (Each tab in the web app is a separate tool.)

Image: Butterfly pollinating Palmer’s Goldenbrush. Photo @Stacy Anderson

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