Crotalaria avonensis

Common Names:
Avon Park harebells, Avon Park rabbit-bells, Avon Park rattlebox
Delaney & Wunderlin
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Dorothy M. Brazis
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The following Participating Institutions are custodians for this species in the CPC National Collection:
Bok Tower Gardens
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

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Dorothy M. Brazis contributed to this Plant Profile.


This spreading, perennial herb was named in 1989 and listed as endangered in 1993. It is a bushy plant that hugs the ground with clusters of fuzzy, grayish leaves and short stems bearing small yellow flowers at the tips. Each plant can have one to three rather hairy, flowering stems that will grow 2 to 10 cm tall. The simple oval leaves of this plant are 8 to 19 mm long, somewhat succulent, and coated with white or yellowish-white hairs. Flowers are typical pea flowers with an upright banner petal, 2 wings, and a keel petal, and are yellow with a few purple lines on the upright petal. These flowers can be found from March until June. Tan, gray, or maroon inflated seed pods appear after this, each containing up to 18 seeds. (USFWS 1999)

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