Cirsium loncholepis

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La Graciosa Thistle
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Dieter Wilken
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Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

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La Graciosa thistle is found in coastal wetlands of southwestern San Luis Obispo County and northwestern Santa Barbara County, California. It is named for La Graciosa, a place name provided by Portol in 1769, and near where the original collection was made near what is now the community of Orcutt. Based on historic records, its geographic range remains the same, but fewer than 15 extant populations are believed extant. Many of the known populations are clustered in a few remaining watersheds, including the Santa Maria River and San Antonio Creek in northwestern Santa Barbara County. The average life span is unknown, but some populations are often composed mostly of vegetative plants in different size classes (Teed 2003). Flowers are typically white or tinged with purple and are borne in densely clustered heads (Ferris 1960; Hoover 1970; Keil 2006; Smith 1998). Plants may flower from April to late summer, especially near the coast. It is often mistaken with several other related thistles with preferences for wetland habitats.

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