Monolopia congdonii

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San Joaquin Woolly Threads
(A. Gray) B.G. Baldw.
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Dieter Wilken
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Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

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Dieter Wilken contributed to this Plant Profile.


This diminutive annual has been lost from much of it original range in the southern San Joaquin Valley as a result of agriculture and urbanization. It once occurred within what is now the city limits of Bakersfield (Twisselmann 1956, 1967). A member of the sunflower family, Monolopia congdonii also has been placed historically in Eatonella and Lembertia, but is probably best considered a member of Monolopia (Johnson 2006; Baldwin 1999), based on a re-evaluation of molecular and morphological data. Plants range from a few cm to about 10 cm tall, and bear slender, arching or reclining branches with somewhat woolly leaves. The yellow-flowered heads are less than a centimeter in length, and are usually found in upper axils or at the tips of the shoots. Flowering and fruiting plants can be found from February through early April.

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