Carex roanensis

Common Names:
Roan Mountain sedge
F.J. Hermann
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Participating Institutions

The following Participating Institutions are custodians for this species in the CPC National Collection:
The North Carolina Arboretum

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After this sedges original discovery in 1936, it was not seen again until its rediscovery fifty years later. The original 1936 population has never been relocated. Due to the lack of information on this species, there is a great deal of debate over its taxonomic status. However, despite claims that it could be a hybrid, this plants seeds breed true, supporting its status as a separate species. We know this because of work by the North Carolina Arboretum to cultivate Roan Mountain sedge as part of their collection. Despite problems with fungal infections, they have managed to maintain a group of plants grown from seed collected from Tennessee populations and are working to improve cultivation techniques. As a result of this work, these plants are now grown in outdoor beds to combat die-offs caused by fungus. It is hoped that this will stabilize the cultivated populations to provide material for additional research (NCA 1996).

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